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Castle Brush is a miniature painting studio, established 1st of October, 2018, operating in Toruń, medium-sized gothic town in north-central Poland.


We are a small, friend-based & devoted team of artists, hobbyists & players, who at a certain moment of their lives decided to band together and open their own miniature painting studio.


We provide several professional services – miniature painting, freehanding, cleaning, assembly, basing, converting & sculpting, with each of us presenting several years of experience in miniature painting before the studio’s appearance.


We work full-time, usually 8-16 CEST. Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we switched to remote working from our homes, operating at well-stocked and professionally equipped work stations, in cozy surroundings. Thanks to this convenient environment, which allows us to focus entirely on our work, we can achieve highly satisfying results in a reasonable amount of time.


We provide miniature painting services for professional wargamers, collectors & miniature manufacturers, with fair prices & quick query reply. We are capable of painting single miniatures, squads & entire armies, working within our four quality levels, which are available to compare on our website.


As a registered & legally operating miniature painting service, we always place invoices.


As mentioned above, we work with miniature manufacturers & hobby-related companies – delivering box art services for several game systems – you can find those companies in the “Our Partners” tab. We are always open for some new forms of mutual cooperation.

We post our work on our website & social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, CMON, & others), we run a developing Youtube channel with painting loops & other miniature-related content; always try to bring some sweet quality on the Reddit treads related with Warhammer40K, and try to reply to community’s comments. Along with videos, we prepare pdf tutorials, and are considering opening our own Patreon in the future.


Apart from painting commercially, we participate in painting competitions (now in Poland, but hopefully European & worldwide in the future), to compare, compete and thus polish our skills further. We also support organized events & charity as often as our little studio can manage – past year we supported Adepticon, NOVA OPEN Charitable Foundation and London Grand Tournament.

Despite our studio’s young age, we aim at delivering the best miniature painting service available, maintaining high quality of work for fair prices in a reasonable amount of time, with great contact with our clients, business partners & supporters.