Official graphic teasing next edition of Warhammer:40000 miniature wargame by Games Workshop

10th Edition of Warhammer: 40000 confirmed – and what a glorious news this is. Our miniature painting studio can’t wait to know more about it! For the time being, however, a little is known. Here’s the first article at Warhammer Community spilling the beans about it:


Since the news hit it’s been a few days, and there’s a bit more information to ponder about. For starters (and this is a real treat for any professional miniature painter) there will be new Terminators available! Those were revealed at the latest Adepticon 2023, and we have a chance to showcase them here as well.

New Terminator miniature for Warhammer: 40000 miniature wargame by Games Workshop
New Terminator miniature for Warhammer: 40000 miniature wargame by Games Workshop; backside and details' view

It’s a good thing they didn’t changed the original sculpt at all, just decided to rescale it. What’s more, the Terminator Armour can be used by both Primaris and Firstborn Space Marines. What that may mean is that the Firstborn are not only going to stay – perhaps this line of miniatures will also receive some rescaled sculpts later down the road. This would be definitely a glorious news for any Space Marines collector. But wait, there’s more than Space Marines!

Tyranids updated as well

Seems like Termagants are the heralds of a bunch of new sculpts coming into Tyranids’ miniature line. Or rather, resculpts – a lot of the older miniatures for Troop choices (Genestealers, Termagants, Hormagaunts) would benefit greatly from being remade. Let’s be honest, some of those sculpts were here for ages (it seems). This is only a rumor, but a rather probable one at this point. As for the Termagant itself, it seems GW is stuck on upgrading their existing line with more detailed sculpts than their previous versions. Which is both a good news for any miniature painting service. We’ll talk a bit more when there’s more revealed. If you’re considering getting your miniatures painted by professionals, write to us at and get your free quote.

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