We are a crew of veteran miniature painters with years of experience and practice.

Each one of us started our painting adventure as a passionate hobbyist at home, with the coming years we changed our hobby into daytime work, and finally we banded together and opened our own painting workshop.

Thanks to that, we are able to satisfy even the wildest ideas when it comes to painting miniatures and model-making. Based on our skills and knowledge, we are capable of painting large armies, as well as single model commissions in a reasonable amount of time. Painting models is our work, our way of life, but most importantly our passion.

When it comes to commission work, we don’t use half measures to satisfy you. There is (almost) nothing we can’t do, and the only boundary is your imagination.

We urge you, set it free and let us pour your ideas onto your models by our hands! Let the grey plastic horde become a glorious and professionally painted army!

about us castle brush crew