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All of our commisions are fully prepared before painting – model is cut from sprue, mouldlines are removed, then model is glued and left for some time for glue to set. Major gaps are filled with greenstuff if needed and sanded after setting. At this stage we can magnetize your model if you choose to, for an extra charge. Cost of assembly is already within painting prices for each level, cost of magnetisation will be priced individually per model.


Level I – Knight

Miniatures painted at this level are best described as a low-budget, solid, tabletop + quality. You can expect them being primed, airbrushed (with highlights!) and finished with some occasional shading/edge highlighting. Knight-level is suited for cornerstones of every army, whether you field a horde of monsters or large units of space soldiers. We also recommend this level for forces that need to be painted fast; for example for the upcoming tournament.

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Level II – Champion

Champion is a level dedicated for more important minis in your collection: sergeants, champions and other mid-tier heroes, as well as vehicles and monsters. Miniatures painted at this level receive more advanced airbrush highlights/shades than previously mentioned Knight. At the brush stage you can expect most details shaded and highlighted, as well as some extra-accents appearing (simple seal writhings, scars or battle-damage). We are capable of painting whole armies at this level, and they will crush your opponents on the table with only their paintjob.

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Level III – Overlord

Every miniature painted at Overlord – level receive excellent airbrush work, with even better shade/highlight than Champion level. At the brush stage, every detail is painted with highest precision; advanced and time-consuming brush techniques are used. You can even expect us to freehand something on your miniature, like embroidery on a cloak or fully cracked armor. This level is recommended for generals and leaders of your army, as well as your best/heaviest monsters or engines.

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Level IV – Emperor

Emperor level miniature is just stunning. Mostly brushwork, full of extra effects, polished to every detail, just how You want it. It’s a miniature painted to a competition level, with many hours spent on recreating it from miniature to piece of art. As our most expensive but also most rewarding level, every “Emperor” miniature is unique and easily distinguishable among others, therefore each miniature is priced individually. It’s just what You always wanted, and what we proudly provide.

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Choose a currency LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4
small infantry
nurgling, genestealer familiar
5 - 10 $ 12 - 20 $ 21 - 28 $ Priced individually
space marine, witch aelf
7 - 14 $ 16 - 30 $ 31 - 55 $ -||-
veteran infantry/hero
terminator, wulfen, lord of plagues
10 - 24 $ 22 - 54 $ 40 - 90 $ -||-
chaos biker, doomfire warlock
16 - 34 $ 36 - 73 $ 62 - 125 $ -||-
hero on bike/mount
autarch skyrunner, lord of Khorne on juggernaut
50 - 120 $ 96 - 180 $ 170 + $ -||-
small vehicle/walker/monster
rhino, dreadnought, daemon prince
38 - 95 $ 80 - 156 $ 160 - 320 $ -||-
medium vehicle/walker/monster
land rider, imperial knight, chaos lord on manticore
95 - 150 $ 195 - 298 $ 340 + $ -||-
large vehicle/walker/monster
baneblade, knight castellan, bloodthirster
128 - 234 $ 250 - 450 $ 450 + $ -||-
super heavy/extra large 150 + $ 380 + $ 500 + $ -||-

Prices per model include assembling, painting & sealing with matt varnish.
Prices do not include cost of the model, shipping & taxes.

Prices shown above are samples; exact pricing of your commision will be based on list of the models you wish us to paint & chosen painting scheme. You simply send us your model list along with painting scheme of your choice and we reply you with complete pricing of your commision.



Quality of our freehands speaks for itself, bear in mind that we can freehand everything you wish: from battalistic scenery on a side of a tank, through ornamented heraldy, recreation of a classic piece of art or even your company logo. All freehands are priced individually.
  • small/simple freehand 40 $
  • large/difficult freehand 80 $



Almost all miniatures are presented on various types of bases. Here at Castle Brush we believe that base are quite important in process of immersion in miniature wargames. Currently you can expect each model’s base be made on the same level as the miniature itself, but you can upgrade or downgrade your bases, wheter you need them to be epic pieces of the battlefield or just simple sand&flock.
  • Knight
    - sand & flock or sand & snow, one color + shade/highlight,
    - rocks on some bases
  • Champion
    - dirt, rocks are base colored, shaded & highlighted,
    - snow, flock or tufts are used,
    - some bits appear,
    - some special effect paints (blood, weathering, rust) if you wish, in moderation
  • Overlord
    - every part of the base is colored, shaded, highlighted & edge-highlighted;
    - flock, tufts & snow as per Champion,
    - more larger bits appear,
    - simple freehands of floor tiles or writings are made,
    - special effect paints are used if you wish (blood etc.)