Artwork depicting artist's interpretation of Chaos Space Marines miniatures, for Warhammer: 40000 wargame by Games Workshop

Chaos Space Marines rules preview

Chaos Space Marines rules preview – as the new edition of Warhammer: 40000 draws near, more information is being revealed. Our miniature painting service painted a vast range of CSM miniatures in the past (see here), and we want to know more how their rules might change in the upcoming 10th edition of Warhammer. Stick around, and let’s see what Games Workshop already revealed to the public. As always, here’s the original article:

Selection of miniatures from Chaos Space Marine faction for Warhammer: 40000 miniature game, by Games Workshop.

New Army rule

We’re certain everyone knows who the Chaos Space Marines are. So we won’t be covering that. Let’s jump straight into the new rule – Dark Pacts!

New previewed army rule for Chaos Space Marines, for Warhammer: 40k miniature wargame by Games Workshop.

So that’s the rule in flesh and blood! Pretty neat – high risk/high reward mechanism. Seems just right for the followers of the Dark Gods to conduct such deals. That is, at least, on the wargaming table, with miniatures!


If one has the bodies to spare (such as Cultists), the possibilities for this rule are endless! Well, near endless – if there are ‘no extra’ miniatures to soak up wounds if the Leadership test fails, then there is no unit. Either way, getting even your lowest of minions an option to kill something of value is certainly worth considering.

New datacards for Legionaries - key Chaos Space Marines unit for Warhammer: 40000 miniature wargame by Games Workshop

New bread and butter

What’s certainly interesting is the new Chaos Legionaries datacard. It looks like their main stats haven’t changed that much – T4 W2 & SV+3 seems like a standard for them. Well until the latest codex at least, many remember them having only W1 (those days are gone, fortunately). More focus was put into the weapon profiles -seems like people’s favourite Reaper Chaincannon got nerfed! At the same time, while havoc autocannon got less AP, it got better Strengh and Damage – perhaps we’ll see more of those fielded.

New statistics for Abaddon the Despoiler, main leader for Chaos Space Marines faction fro Warhammer: 40k miniature wargame by Games Workshop.

Main course

We’ve talked Troops, now let’s take a look at the BIG DOG! Abaddon the Despoiler lost some of his Toughness but the weapons are just crazy. His signature sword, Drach’nyen, got upgraded from S9 to S14! At the same time, Talon of Horus can deal a  14 Attacks from previous 8. But that’s not all honey – where are his weapons special abilities? If those are gone for good, it’s rather a downgrade than an upgrade.

There’s still a lot of unknown. Only time will tell if the changes will make Chaos Space Marines stronger overall. Before that happens, make sure to head over to our miniature painting studio‘s website and place an order for a gorgeous-looking and professionally painted Chaos Space Marines!

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