Seraphon new unit, Raptadon Hunters, featuring a Skink rider mounting new dino for the Lizardmen / Seraphon faction for Age of Sigmar / Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

New Seraphon Army box for AoS hits preorder

New Seraphon Army box for AoS hits preorder this Saturday! As usual, when it comes to new releases from Games Workshop, our miniature painting service team’s excitement is peaking! Let’s see what this set contains, and delve into some of the rules for the new dinosaurs. If you want to see the original announcement, you can read it here.

New wargaming miniatures for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar miniature game, made by Games Workshop. Featured army - Seraphon, or Lizardmen for Warhammer: Fantasy Battle.

New miniatures

For starters, every miniature available in this upcoming, limited boxed set is a new, previously unreleased sculpt. We got our first look at those during this year's Adepticon convention, late March 2023. Apparently, new miniatures are going to be made available to the public only a month after the convention hit us with the news. There's a set of 10 Saurus Warriors, which are replacing old, Warhammer: Fantasy Battle-sculpts that served for around 20 years. New Saurus can be equipped with spears or clubs, as their predecessors could. Then, completely new cavalry unit - Raptadons, smaller rideable dino resembling Oviraptors, ridden by Skinks. Those can be assembled either as Raptadon Hunters or Raptadon Lancers. Those new Skink unit strongly resembles Tichi-Huichi's Raiders, a famous Dogs of War regiment of old. However, here we see a similar option for differentiation as per Terradon/Ripperdactyl set, but we'll talk more about that later.

New 2023 Slaan miniature for Seraphon & Lizardmen faction for Games Workshop games of Warhammer: Fantasy Battle, and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

New Slaan

It is fair to say that the centerpiece of the whole box is the new Slaan miniature. From the modelling standpoint, it’s yet another reinvisioned sculpt where the amount of detail is astonishing. The critters, overgrown masonry, horns and all – a pleasant background for the venerable Slaan-mage to sit upon. There’s even the skink attendant, a great nod to previous generations of Slaan. Now let’s take a turn and get back to the Raptadons. Here at our miniature painting studio everyone’s curious if those new dinosaurs can fight.

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Raptadon' focus

At first sight, those are some pro painted miniatures, as can be expected for ‘Eavy Metal team members. But we’re not here to talk about the painting, are we? From the gaming perspective, there seems to be an interesting synergy between both variants of the new unit. The rule is called ‘Cold-Blooded Unity’. Basically if your Raptadon Hunters targeted an unit with their javelins, Raptadon Lancers will hit that unit with +1 to hit on their lances. And another fun rule – Deadly Cohesion – if the Lancers charged and unit and the distance requirements are met, Hunters can shoot that unit again. How cool is that? Of course, this is just what’s been revealed, and more can be said only after the codex is released. For now, if you want to order some perfectly painted Seraphon for yourself, check our prices here and write to us through our contact form.

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