New Terminators for Warhammer: 40000

New Terminators for Warhammer: 40000! Sounds like a lot of fun to us. Our miniature painting studio reported last time that there are some new miniatures on the horizon (pictured above). And now, due to the recent article at Warhammer Community, we know their stats and how they change. Full artice can be found here:

New datacard showing new updated statistics for Space Marine Terminators miniatures for Warhammer: 40000 miniature wargame by Games Workshop

The stats

Seems like they got an upgrade. Not only they retained their hallmark '2+' Save, but now they have Toughness 5 and Invunerable Save 4+, meaning they will be definitely hard to grind. At least for now, time will tell if there won't be any weapons or units made especially to target them. Another important change is the Objective Control stat, or 'OC'. Warhammer 40k dev team described it as a stat telling you how good the unit is in controlling an objective.

Veteran units, such as aforementioned Terminators, will have this statistic lower than Troops. They are supposed to be a support, heavy hitter and provide a sort of ‘hammer’ effect to the troops ‘anvil’. The troops will have the ‘OC’ stat at a higher values. This means that the future armies might have a better balance of troops/veteran ratio than they used to in 9th edition.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the weapons the Terminators may carry:

New Terminator storm bolter focus and rules

Humble Storm Bolter

Storm Bolters are still Rapid Fire weapons – and in half of their range, they get to shoot one more time. This means one more attack, rather than another round of shooting as it used to be. This is just the Storm Bolter’s special rule. There’s also a bit of an info regarding Power Fists. Gone are their -1 penalties to hit (hurray)! They hit at 3+, and their Chainfist variant has a special rule against Vehicles. Perhaps the iconic Storm Bolter/Power Fist combination will return once more as a standard picked by the players.

Well, much is yet shrouded – I wonder what they’ll do to Thunder Hammers! If anything new drops, be sure that our miniature painting studio will let you know with yet another blog post. Stay tuned! Also, if you want to commission those new Terminators, visit our miniature painting service ‘ website and give us a try. We’re more than happy to help 🙂

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