Sisters of Battle new releases

New Sisters of Battle are here!

Hello! Our miniature painting studio is thrilled to say that the wait is over! Those new, plastic & multipart Sisters of Battle kits are entering the preorder this Saturday.

It’s been 25 years since the the original release occured, and we only received one resin Cannoness since then. This year, however,we were bombarded with the newest renders & artwork sneak-peaks, along with some miniatures.

Sisters of Battle Penitent Engine artwork

How it went this year

With every passing month, more and more information were revealed. It’s only fair to say that we grew impatient with every new post on the Battle Sister Bulletin. We can all agree that all the upcoming miniatures look amazing. However, we’ve heard opinions that perhaps some of the miniatures are too much “baroque” or “over the top”.

Sisters of Battle Exorcist Tank

Detailed hotness

Nonetheless, certain pieces in the nearby release will propably be challenging to paint even for experienced painters. All those ornate detail & monastery-resembling elements seem like they would require a lot of time to make them look spectacular. Luckly there are plenty of smaller & easier miniatures to practice upon, for example this Battle Sisters Squad.

Sisters of Battle Squad

The future is plastic

But even those simple line troops seems like a perfect recreation of the classic Sisters of Battle miniatures. As we mentioned before, we received few new sculpts along the way – like the finecast Canoness. This time, however, we’re talking about fully plastic, lightweight, and easily-convertible models. Yes, we had a hint of what’s coming up in a form of Celestine, the Living Saint kit, but the complete overhaul of the old line left us stunned.

Junith Eruita, Canoness

Will they sold out?

The hype is so high that even Games Workshop predicts that the first wave will be sold out very soon. Judging by the wait time for some of the newest kits that went “sold out” in the recent months, it seems like a good move to secure some of the kits for yourself right now. And who knows what is going to be released next? GW has this custom of releasing so many beautiful miniatures each week like they want us to go broke!

Sisters of Battle Canoness

Our contribution

In the eve of the long-expected release, our miniature painting service is creating a giveaway! You will be able to secure a pro painted Sister Superior Amalia Novena we made a while ago. Visit our Instagram profile this evening for more details! And happy hunting tomorrow!

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