War in Rohan supplement

Hi! We’re going to talk about upcoming release of the long-awaited campaign for Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game – War in Rohan! Our miniature painting studio team can’t wait for those new sculpts & rules, so let’s jump into the fray!


Miniature Painting Studio

Days of the Past

Seems like Games Workshop did it’s homework in 2018 and as far as this year goes, they are sharing enough love and attention to every game system they are running. In the past, Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, released in 2001 along with Peter Jackson’s LotR trilogy, was an instant success. This was one of the reasons I got into miniature painting. For a 11-year old boy, enchanted by J.R.R. Tolkien books and thrilled by movies, this was an obvious choice.

Pro painted miniatures

But as the years went, LotR SBG updates went into decline, as no new miniatures were released. GW seemed to lost interest in this game system. Rules were rarely updated, and as a result, darkness held dominion over the miniature Middle-Earth.

Uruk-hai miniatures

New Hope?

Thank Valars those days are long gone! In the newest supplement, War in Rohan, a plethora of new rules and miniatures are going to be released. First of all, you can field an entire force of Dunlendings, either as a standalone army or part of Isengard Armies. New sculpts of Saruman and Grima will be released, and Uruk-hai are getting many choices of command squads. Furthermore, the Rohirrim line will be bolstered with Eorl the Young, their first king of old. Theodred and other lesser heroes choices will be available as well. Along with them, selection of command squads will appear for Rohan forces. Above all, the villians and heroes are not the only thing we will get this Saturday!

War in Rohan!

As the war takes place in Rohan, a beautiful set of terrain is being released as well!
Just take a look at this Rohan House and Rohan Watchtower and Palisades! No longer we will be forced to place home-made structures – and don’t get me wrong, I love such scratchbuilds. But as the time goes, I find myself preoccupied with many things that require my attention, and less time for hobby. For me, such plastic-kits are the answer to my needs.

New Middle-Earth scenery
Set of new fortifications for Rohan

Certainly, it makes me wonder what next will be released in Middle-Earth SBG – perhaps the war will go into Enemy’s territory this time? And if you are looking for some skilled individuals to paint your Rohan or Isengard forces for You, our miniature painting service stands ready for duty!

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