WH40K Salamanders Flame Freehand Tutorial

Salamander Flame Freehand Tutorial
WH40K Salamander Flame

Hello everyone! It’s time for preorder release of the Codex Supplement: Salamanders, along with the upgrade pack and Adrax Agatone miniature. Because of that, we would like to share a really simple tutorial from our miniature painting studio to upgrade your Salamanders with the flame* on the right pauldron.

First of all, the list of equipment You’ll need:

  • fine-tip detail brush of choice (we used W&N Miniature Series 7 size 0)
  • water
  • palette
  • Vallejo Model Color Black 70.950
  • Citadel Averland Sunset
  • Citadel Trollslayer Orange
  • Salamander Space Marine (or just a pauldron 🙂
Salamander Pauldron

Prepare the pauldron by undercoating it. When the primer is completely dry, paint the pauldron using black paint to avoid excess shining. Let it dry completely before going to the next step.

Salamander Freehand

Let’s start with establishing a basic shape with Averland Sunset – first, paint a rough circle, then a straight line dividing the circle in half, ending just before the edge of the upper trim.

Salamander Freehand Tutorial

Start painting the flame outline with Averland Sunset, using previously prepared rough shape. Make sure the paint is diluted enough to allow sketching – the lines don’t have to be perfectly opaque, we can fix that later.

WH40K Salamander Flame Freehand

Paint the flame with Averland Sunset.

Salamander WH40K Flame

Make a smaller outline inside the flame with Trollslayer Orange.

Warhammer 40k Salamander Flame

Now paint the inside of smaller outline with the Trollslayer Orange.

WH40k Salamander Flame Freehand Tutorial

Lastly, Averland Sunset and Trollslayer Orange to create a midcolor, then start covering up the defined border between smaller, orange part and larger, yellow outline, to create a nice transition.

Salamander Aggressors Flame

Et voila! Now You just have to rinse and repeat this process on the rest of your Salamanders – we recommend doing one step at a time on all of desired miniatures, to speed up the process and achieve very similar results. C&C welcome, so don’t hesitate leave your mark below in the comments! Hope You enjoyed this tutorial, and  good luck painting!




*Flame is deliberately painted “unnaturally”, meaning the yellow is outside, and orange – inside. If You wish to achieve “natural” effect, simply switch the order of colours, starting with Trollslayer instead of Averland, but You may find it hard to achieve opaque results with the orange.


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