Hello everybody!

The time has come for this blog to start it’s existence! Is there a better time than a huge update to Warhammer 40000? 

First of all i wanted to thank you for stopping by at castlebrush.eu blog. I want to keep my readers up to date with most important happenings involving Games Workshop systems, mainly WH40K and Age of Sigmar. 


Today i wanted to talk a bit about the new Big Faq 2019. We have grown accustomed to the yearly FAQ’s and Chapter approved improving ballance and fine tuning the game. However never before have we had such a signifficant changes as now! Most noteworthy Eldar soup had it’s changes, also Imperial Knights, and finally Flyers aswell. Seems like GW is adressing the most serious issues in contrast to previous little changes.

Check the original files at : https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/warhammer_40000_update_April_2019_en.pdf

and make sure to visit our site for amazing miniatures: 




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