Sculpting tutorial – Ancient Roman reliefs

Sculpting tutorial

Howdy folks,

Some time ago we were celebrating reaching 1K followers threshold – and as our way to thank all of our followers, a raffle took place.

We offered a free-of-charge Large Freehand (as seen in our Services) for our lucky winner, and a Small Freehand for his friend.
miniature painting
After the lucky pair was found, we started working towards fullfilling our promise – due to various reasons, the prize was swapped and both sides agreed on a new prize – a sculpting tutorial.
There was a term secured that the swap will take place if the sculpting tutorial would become available to anybody that wish to use it – and it is finally here! You are welcome to download your copy, and we hope You’ll find it useful. Congratulations for the winner again, and we wish You all happy sculpting!

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