Our miniature painting studio had a pleasure to be one of the partners of London Grand Tournament 2019.

London Grand Tournament 2019 Castle Brush

The London Grand Tournament is “a tabletop wargaming convention that is centred around organised play.”* This event is held in London, UK, in September each year, and it has grown from small, local convention into international event with hundreds of players from all over the world attending at Warhammer 40K Grand Tournament, Narrative Campaigns and a plethora of other games – Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Middle Earth, Warmaster, Horus Heresy, Guildball, Dropfleet Commander, to name only a few. They spend they time throwing dices, measuring distances, comparing their hobby skills, as well as chatting, drinking and having a good time.

We, as a miniature painting studio, painted a 2000 points WH40K army as one of this year’s raffle – miniatures were provided by Kromlech, our fellow miniature manufacturer – army list had several Astra Militarum detachments, as well as some Tempestus Scions & Iron Hand Space Marines.  Almost all the miniatures were squats, with the exceptions of warmachines & bike riders – you can check this sweet force here.

This three days were packed with lots of chatting with fellow hobbyists visiting our little stand while outside of gaming area, and we took our time to present our skills in form of painted miniatures availabe for sale, as well as meet some wonderful people & other wargaming-related businesses. We made some new friends & gazed our eyes on hundreds of players playing competitively near us – what a view it was! One of us took the opportunity to participate, and he performed well for his 1st time on such big event – 3 losses/2 wins seems like a good start of a competitive player career!

At the end of the event, the winners were revealed, and it was time for us to go home. We would like to that all that attended at our booth this year, and we hope we will be there at LGT 2020. Huge thanks goes to Zachary Becker, LGT Convention Organiser, for invinting us into the fold and helping us out during this convention. Hopefully, this is a start of promising cooperation, but this will be revealed at a later date…for now, we would like to show you a selection of photos we took during the event, and announce a video relation from the tournament, which will be availabe on our YT channel in the coming days.

*via https://www.lgtpresents.co.uk/about

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