Salamanders – WH40K’s Masters of the Flame

Salamander Aggressors Flame
Salamanders Primaris Aggressors

Hello guys! We are all one day before GW’s Codex Supplement: Salamanders hits preorder. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity to tell You a little more about this Space Marine chapter.


Salamanders were one of the original 20 Space Marine Legions created by Emperor of Mankind. Space Marines from 18th legion have almost black, jet skin, as well as red, burning eyes. Those physical characteristics are the effect of the radiation occurring on their native planet – Nocturne. Salamanders are strong-willed, have a great constitution even considering Space Marine’s standards, and are known from their devotion to humanity. Those traits were passed to them thanks to their Primarch – Vulkan. Both his gene-seed and his teachings had a significant role in determining Salamanders as a Space Marines. Chapter’s symbol is a head of the fire drake, native monster from Nocturne. The largest beasts are named salamanders, which gave name to the Chapter.

Salamander Reivers

Sons of Vulkan are also known from their skills in creating and repairing weaponry. This, in turn, allows them to create difficult Artificer armours and many Master-crafted weapons, especially thunder hammers. They also feel a specific connection to fire, which is manifested by the extensive use of flamers and melta weapons. Having this in mind, it’s no wonder that they favour close range combat.


Primaris Repulsor

Salamanders favour use of Devastator Squads and Terminator Squads over Bike Squads and Land Speeders. While they may dislike smaller, agile vehicles, they prefer huge war machines, especially Land Raider Redeemers.

Salamander Vulkan He'stan conversion

Salamander’s armour is green, with pauldron coloration varying on the company. Trim is always green. Armour itself is often adorned with the etched or painted flames, hammers and anvils – symbols of the forge.

While painting Salamanders, always remember about picking the right tone of green, and contrasting miniatures with the right kind of bases. Black vulcanic terrain or red desert suits them best.

I hope I interested You in reaching out for more information about the Salamanders, as we barely scratched the surface. If You are looking for an inspiration or help painting your own Salamanders, be sure to check our miniature painting studio.

Salamander Librarian
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