Essen Spiel’19

Essen Spiel'19 & our adventure

Essen Spiel’19 folks! It’s finally time to sum up this year’s edition of Internationale Spieltage! Our miniature painting studio showed up there for the purpose of promoting our services yet again among visitors and exhibitors.

Essen Spiel Castle Brush Booth

Eventually, as last year, we were sharing booth with our friends from ZenTerrain. We arrived at the Messe Essen at 9.30 am., tired as a result of the all-night ride to Essen. On the contrary, we were very eager to set up what would be our operational base for the next four days.  As soon as everything was on the right spot, we went to the hotel to regenerate our strength before the fair.

Essen Spiel'19 visitors

It was our first year of promoting our services on such a grand scale event in person. Last time, ZenTerrain were so kind that displayed our miniatures on their booth. We knew that this is going to be mainly boardgame event, also the biggest of its kind. Still, the amount of visitors was overwhelming!

Games Workshop at Essen Spiel

The wargaming section was located in Hall 6. First of all, we were stunned to see that we have some of the biggest companies in the business as our neighbours. Our booth was also pretty close to some of our friends from last year – Modiphius Entertainment, Human Interface, Freebooter Miniatures and The Drowned Earth! Furthermore, we even made some new friends this year! We had a blast talking to all the visitors and exhibitors that stopped at our booth. We even managed to take some time and see what Spiel has to offer to us. This turned out to be the best way to find even more friends! Special thanks go to ZenTerrain, Human Interface and DeepCut Studio for a great company at the evenings and during the Spiel itself.

Castle Brush & ZenTerrain

Essen Spiel’19 was truly the event to remember. Overall, it’s quite early to judge, but I’m sure we’re going to be at Spiel next year as well!  

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