Golden Demon Slayer Sword 2023 winner is revealed!

Golden Demon SLayer Sword 2023 winning piece - photo of 'best of show' painted miniature, Master Lazarus by Games Workshop, painted by Neil Hollis.

Golden Demon Slayer Sword 2023 winner is revealed at Adepticon 2023. He’s name is Neil Hollis – an accomplished miniature painter our miniature painting studio would love to meet one day! Below you can find out more in the original article by Games Workshop:

Let’s take a closer look at the winning miniature, followed by opinions of some of our miniature painting studio ‘s members, Natalia & Rob. But first, let’s check the other angles of this stunning piece.

Golden Demon Slayer Sword 2023 winner piece - backside and angles' view; Master Lazarus miniature by Games Workshop, painted by Neil Hollis.

Our take

Rob – the overall execution and evenly treatment of the piece is probably the key in understanding why this miniature has won. There isn’t a single place left untouched, or done ‘in haste’. Clearly, there were hundreds of hours of work invested in this miniature. My favourite accents are probably the feathers, and his hair – these are the details that one does not normally see in miniature painting.

Natalia – I totally agree with Rob – this miniature must’ve taken a long time to finish. The overall composition of the piece, choice of colors and the decision to change the blade is spot-on. I really like how the warm gold balances the colder colors of the power blade. Same goes for the armour – green plates are balanced by the warm gold details. Checkered floor provides a good ‘background’ for the piece. At the same time, it retains a few nods at the Dark Angels’ lore as easily recognizable. Decision to add another detail like the burning candle, flowing in the same direction as the cloak, is great. It enhances the feeling of movement, even if the figure’s pose seems static.

And there you have it – a few words of wisdom from our pro painters. They are capable of producing pieces of similar quality – check our gallery to see for yourself. If you want your miniatures to be painted this good, contact our miniature painting studio by writing an email at We got you covered!

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