New Dante is revealed, and what we think about him!

Primaris Dante Warhammer 40k

New Dante revealed! It seems like every new day there’s a new miniature for Warhammer 40k! Our miniature painting studio team was surprised to see this leak turned into reality in the matter of hours! Let’s see what Games Workshop has to say about this sweet mini!

The story so far

Apparently after accidentally spilling the beans about this miniature, GW decided to regain control of the situation. How you might ask? Basically by posting the details about this long-suspected miniature (see the article link above). It seems it’s a week earlier than originally planned (this is what I suspect – that he was to be revealed at Adepticon 2023). This looks like the right move, as the community exploded with joy about this reveal. It is fair to say that we are overjoyed by this reveal!

Primaris – size Dante miniature is definitely a great piece for every Warhammer fan, and a really nice project for any miniature painting service . Just take a look at this baroque armor, or the sheer size of it! We can’t wait to paint it. All and all, there isn’t a single bad thing about this miniature. Well, maybe the pose is a bit too dramatic, but that’s really a minor issue. Those Vanguard-style stabilisers at his jumppack are also something not everyone will like. Again, another minor issue. Come to think of it, there might be some more (like the price…). It’s probably best to leave those thoughts behind and move on!

New Dante is yet to be released for purchase – we suspect it’ll be later this year. If you want one for yourself, head over to our website and place your commission now! And don’t forget that you can also find us at Instagram, where we post our newest projects. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on our blog – we’ll try to post as soon as we hear more Warhammer news.

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